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Welcome to Olmsted Township


Transportation/Sidewalks Prioritization --TLCI Survey

Cutter Oil - Drilling Updates

Ready Notify -- New Emergency Notification System


“We want to thank our residents who took time today to vote in this critical election.  We have spent the past couple of months informing our community about the decisions we face as we look to the future.  Our goal was to provide the necessary facts so voters could make an informed decision.


We appreciate the voters support and confidence in us as the Board of Trustees and their pride in our community.  We will continue to work to earn that trust, to govern responsibly, and to manage our finances with an eye on cost saving opportunities.”

Olmsted Township Celebrating 200 Years! 

Bicentennial Festival  |  Flags of Honor www.olmstedbicentennial.org

Olmsted Magazine

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Volunteer Opportunities!  


Completed application can be emailed or

printed and returned or emailed to the Board of Trustees at trustees@olmstedtownship.org



Our Mission

The Olmsted Township Mission Statement

Serving a community of diverse neighborhoods, the employees of Olmsted Township will perform in a coordinated, collaborative, ethical and fiscally responsible manner to provide greater access to services, encourage a vibrant quality of life and create a sense of confidence and connection among residents and themselves.

Strategic Plan

Organizational Structure