Our Mission

Serving a community of diverse neighborhoods, the employees of Olmsted Township will perform in a coordinated, collaborative, ethical and fiscally responsible manner to provide greater access to services, encourage a vibrant quality of life and create a sense of confidence and connection among residents and themselves.

2017 Yard Charge

Volunteers are seeking senior residents or those with disabilities in need of help with clearing leaves from their properties. Please call 440-235-3099 or email jboyer@olmstedtownship.org by October 13th.

Olmsted Township Police introduce New Volunteer Program

Our safety forces have our back, whether in Olmsted Falls, Olmsted Township or those living within our school district in other communities.

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Proud to Serve Olmsted Township

Small suburban communities like Olmsted Township often receive calls to the Police Department regarding entry into vehicles parked in driveways.  In almost 100% of these instances, there is no “forced entry” into the vehicle.  In almost every single case the vehicle has been left unlocked.

Protect yourself and your property:

  • Lock your vehicle prior to going to bed for the evening.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle overnight if possible; shield valuables or place them covered or protected in the trunk.
  • Leave exterior lights on overnight. This is inexpensive protection and a real deterrent.
  • Technology is available now to turn old cell phones into home security cameras; there are free or inexpensive apps that can be downloaded for these purposes and they actually take pretty good live video.
  • Close your garage door at night.
  • If you see or hear something suspicious, call 911 so an officer can be dispatched to the area as soon as possible.

We need the assistance of our residents because we are unable to be everywhere all of the time.  There is no substitute for awareness by residents of what is going on in your neighborhood. If you see something suspicious call 911 and an officer will be dispatched to the area as soon as possible.  If vehicle entries are not reported, we have no way of knowing if a theft has occurred.

Job Posting for Zoning Code Enforcement Officer

Olmsted Township is accepting applications for a part-time Zoning Inspector/ Code Enforcement Officer.  As Zoning Inspector, the successful candidate will implement zoning regulations per applicable state and local guidelines and requirements. The primary focus of the Code Enforcement Officer is to enforce all relevant regulations per applicable state and local guidelines and requirements.  Both positions serve to promote the maintenance of property values, re-force the standards of the community and provide for health, safety and preservation of quality of life standards of residents and businesses in the community. Click here for further details.

The Olmsted Township 2016 Annual Financial Report is complete and has been filed with the Auditor of State.  The report is available at the office of the Fiscal Officer.