Our Mission

Serving a community of diverse neighborhoods, the employees of Olmsted Township will perform in a coordinated, collaborative, ethical and fiscally responsible manner to provide greater access to services, encourage a vibrant quality of life and create a sense of confidence and connection among residents and themselves.

Flood Damage? 

If you experienced flooding, including storm or sanitary backups, from rain events and have not reported it to the Olmsted Township Service Department, please submit your information to lfuerst@olmstedtownship.org. Items to include are: name, address, type of event, follow up, and contact information.

Olmsted Township has three separate utilities that manage stormwater and sanitary sewers or both, North Olmsted waste water treatment, Cuyahoga County Public Works, private HOAs stormwater utilities and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District,  outside of Columbia Park and those who have their own septic systems, we will ensure the proper utility receives notice of your complaint.

Township Voting

Congratulations!  Approximately 58% of our registered Olmsted Township voters went to the polls on November 5th to weigh in on candidates and issues in the national, state, county and even our local arena.  This is an outstanding turnout and reflects our desire to participate in decision making in our country.

Thank you!  We are pleased to report that Olmsted Township Renewal Issue 109 passed with a 59% approval.  We appreciate your confidence and support.  This approval will allow us to continue to provide the services we all want and need in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


Olmsted Township Board of Trustees & Fiscal Officer

Schady Road Culvert

Weight Limit Signage has been posted on the Schady Road (County Road) culvert between Falls Pointe Dr. and Lakeview Dr. due to a deteriorating culvert pipe. What does this mean for the average vehicle? The average car or SUV weighs between three and five thousand pounds, which would make safe travel over the culvert. Examples of vehicles that would possibly be affected would be: Class A and Class B vehicles (buses, dump trucks, tractor trailer) .

The culvert is on the fast track to be replaced through Cuyahoga County Public Works. Schedule and timeline are yet to be determined.

Scholarship Opportunity for High School Seniors

We are excited to share this opportunity with our seniors residing in Olmsted Township! Please click on the link to access the application form for the Ohio Township Association’s Scholarship.


JEDD Posting

The Olmsted Township Board of Trustees is searching for an Olmsted Township Resident to serve on the JEDD (Joint Economic Development District) Board as the Chair for a four-year term beginning in September 2018.
This individual should have knowledge and experience in economic development, land use and acquisition, Olmsted Township building and zoning codes, finance and contracts. 

Candidates with a knowledge of JEDD’s and an interest in working collaboratively to develop solutions with the various stakeholders including Cuyahoga County, North Olmsted, Olmsted Township and Olmsted Falls are highly desirable.

Please forward your resume and letter of interest by August 30, 2018 to:

Jboyer@olmstedtownship.org                                                                            Olmsted Township Board of Trustees
Olmsted Township
26910 Cook Road
Olmsted Township, OH 44138

Your letter of interest should state why you would be a good candidate for this position and how you can contribute to the development of the JEDD.

For more information on Cuyahoga County’s 2018 Reappraisal, please visit:


This link will provide information on how to better understand the value of your property. Procedures to challenge an increase can be found within this link. A renewal levy will not cause an increase in taxes even with the increase in property values.

Any questions, please contact the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office at (216) 443-7010.

Seeking Zoning Commission Alternate Member

Olmsted Township is currently accepting applications to fill two open Alternate Member positions on the Olmsted Township Zoning Commission.  Members of this Commission hear and rule on requests for changes in zoning and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees in this regard.  They provide the voice of the community and are governed by the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 519.  The Commission meets once each month.

Interested residents of Olmsted Township must submit a letter of interest and resume and email, hserrano@olmstedtownship.org or by mail, Olmsted Township, 26900 Cook Road, Olmsted Township, OH  44138.  You may also drop off your application at the Township Building Department, 26908 Cook Road (in the First Federal of Lakewood Plaza) between 8:00 am and 2:00pm.  For more information call, (440) 235-4225.

Olmsted Township is the Second Safest Town


The Olmsted Township 2017 Annual Financial Report is complete and has been filed with the Auditor of State.  The report is available at the office of the Fiscal Officer.