The Building Department issues permits for commercial and residential construction in Olmsted Township. The department strives to protect the safety of the public through inspections of construction projects to assure compliance with adopted building codes.

Building Department

Building Electric and HVAC permits are required to be obtained for new construction, additions and alterations to residential and non residential permits.

Permits are required for most accessory uses, including but not limited to, fences, sheds, decks, patios, swimming pools, roofing, etc. Olmsted Township Building Requirements


Plumbing permits are required and issued through the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

Call 216-201-2000 for Plumbing Permits


Cuyahoga County Board of Health 2015 Sewage Treatment and Grey Water Permit

Property Maintenance

Olmsted Township adopted the International Property Maintenance Code to provide for minimum standards to maintain residential and non residential premises.

Inspections are complaint driven unless an imminent danger is apparent.

Link to Olmsted Township Property Maintenance Codes


Zoning regulations control the use of land and the development of buildings, including the use, area and height of buildings. Zoning regulations help to preserve the character of the township and defines specific areas for development of residential and commercial areas in the Township.

Link to Olmsted Township Zoning Regulations

Link to Olmsted Township Zoning Map