Olmsted Township will be in its fourth year of providing a Leaf Collection Program to our residents.

Please note the following requirements for your leaves to be collected:

→ Leaves must be raked into piles in order to be collected. LEAVES ONLY. NO grass, branches, sticks or twigs of any size. Any piles that are mixed with sticks will not be picked up.

→ Residents with curbs should pile leaves along the length of the curb – as close to the street as possible.

→ Residents with ditches should rake leaves into one pile, in one section of the ditch. Do not pile leaves the full length of the ditch.

→ Residents need to get leaves raked and piled as soon as they start to fall from trees. There will be no scheduled dates for leaf pick up. This Program begins mid-October and ends approximately December 10, 2016. Pick up will begin at one end of the Township and work through to the opposite end.

→ If a resident does not wish to participate in the Leaf Collection Program, leaves can still be bagged and picked up by Republic Waste. The two bagging options are:

  • Put leaves in brown kraft bags as yard waste and place alongside weekly trash – only though 11/24/17.
  • Put leaves in plastic bags. Leaves in plastic bags will only be picked up on Republic’s three BULK pick-up dates in Fall: October 19th, November 24th (Friday) and December 21st.

→ The vacuum unit will not enter private property for any reason. Therefore, all leaf piles must be as close to the street as possible, but not in the street.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact the Department of Public Service at 440-235-1011.

NOTE: This collection is not related to the Township’s Residential Branch Chipping Program, which concludes for the year Monday October 30th.