Public Service Department Roof

Pursuant to ORC 505.264 (c) (2), Olmsted Township is seeking proposals for the implementation of energy conservation measures for the installation of a new roof at the Public Service Department building (7924 Fitch Rd.) The project will commence upon receipt of proposals and award in the spring of 2021.

On March 1, 2021, the Township will mail requests for proposal specifications to qualified installers. The installers must notify the Township of their intent to bid no later than 12 noon on March 1, 2021to receive specifications necessary to bid on.

The Township reviewed submitted bids on March 15, 2021 at 12 noon via Zoom as public buildings are currently closed to the public. The lowest, most responsible bidder was Warren Roofing. Project has a completion date of May 2021.

ORC 9.312 Factors to determine whether bid is responsive, and bidder is responsible will be followed and is a state prevailing wage project.


Schady Road Soccer Complex and Glenbrook/High School Drainage Improvement Projects

We are inviting bids for the Glenbrook/High School Drainage Improvement and the Schady Road Soccer Complex Drainage Improvement projects. Bids are due September 28. See the detailed bid notice for Glenbrook/High School Project here and for the Schady Road Soccer Complex Project here.

Schady Road Soccer Complex Project – Preliminary Estimate

Schady Road Soccer Complex Project –  Drawings

Schady Road Soccer Complex Project Pictures – Nov. 2020

Glenbrook Drive/High School Project  – Preliminary Estimate

Glenbrook Drive/High School Project – Drawings

Glenbrook Project Pictures     November 2020      December 2020

Bid Opening 9/28 for both projects Bid award expected to be October 5 at Trustee Special Meeting.

In a special meeting held on October 5, 2020, the Board of Trustees approved the bid from Cornerstone Earthworks for the Glenbrook Drive/High School Drainage Improvement project, and they approved Fabrizi Construction for the Schady Road Soccer Complex project. Both projects are authorized to commence in October with a completion date by December 31, 2020.

Schady Road Soccer Complex  COMPLETED April 2021.

The High School Drainage Improvement project will be completed by June 1, 2021.

First Energy Cable Replacements in Greenbrook/Breezewood Neighborhood

The Township has been in touch with First Energy in regards to the continuing power outages in the community. It has been reported that there was a double fault in beginning of the lines of the Breezewood Development (Greenbrooke, Heatherwood Circle, Timber Ln., etc.) First Energy reported that 10-11 sections of underground cables warrant replacement.  COMPLETED 2021

Second Entrance at Town Hall - CARES Act Project

Bella Cement won the bid for this project funded by CARES funds. Adding a second entrance/exit to give options for appropriate social distances. Added ADA Railings.  Project started 11/18/20.  Project pictures 

COMPLETED December 2020Project photos

Columbia & Cook Phase V Sanitary Sewer Project

Cook Road residents in Olmsted Township from Columbia Rd. to Fitch Rd., please contact Cuyahoga County Public Works at (216) 443-8277 for sanitary sewer connection financing information if you have not already. Project bid in April 2019.

The anticipated start date is the first week of October. The projected tenure of the sewer project is nine (9) months. Most workdays will be Monday through Thursday, with some Fridays due to weather interruptions. The construction will begin on Cook Road, a little west of Inland Drive in the eastbound lane. The westbound lane of Cook Road – the majority of which is in the Township – will be left open for local traffic, safety forces, and school buses. Vehicle traffic will be regulated by portable traffic signals, flaggers, and/or police officers. It is anticipated many motorists will be utilizing Cranage Drive as a detour. Once the eastbound lane is completed, they will cross over to the westbound lane.

See additional information here. See notes from meetings here. Letter sent on 7/22/19 to Bid Package Number 3 Residents here.Letter sent on 8/27/19 to Bid Package Number 4 Residents here.

Project COMPLETE. Homeowners can tie-in. Applications for reimbursement up to $1,500 with Cuyahoga County will be available through 12/31/21. Contact Adrienne Simmons at (216) 443-8277 or

Cranage Road Resurfacing

The Township’s portion of Cranage Road will be resurfaced as part of Olmsted Falls’ pavement portion of the Phase 5 sewer project. The bid was awarded by Olmsted Falls to Specialized Construction. Resurfacing began on Cranage Road Monday, September 21.

COMPLETED October 2020. Project photos

2019 Township Road Program

Our Township completed a Capital Improvement Plan and rating.  COMPLETE in accordance with our Road Capital Maintenance Plan.

Renovation of Community Center and Administrative Offices

7900 Fitch Road Building will soon be home for the Administration Offices and Building Department and a Community Center.  We received bids March 29, 2019. The bid was awarded to Freedom Construction Services.  Construction began May 2019. COMPLETED November 2019. Picture Our Community Room is available to rent for special events, subject to occupancy limitations due to COVID.

Replacement of Culverts

Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works completed the replacement of the culverts on Adele Lane and Westwood Lane Fall 2019. Picture   COMPLETED Fall 2019.

NOPEC Grants

In 2019, Olmsted Township received a grant from NOPEC in the amount of $50,000 to be used for low energy lighting at our Administrative Office/Community Center. COMPLETED

In 2020, Olmsted Township received a grant from NOPEC in the amount of $47,000 to be used for a new energy-efficient roof at our Service Building. COMPLETED May 2021

In 2021, Olmsted Township received a grant from NOPEC in the amount of $35,000. These funds will be combined with funds from 2020 to be used for a new energy-efficient roof at our Service Building. COMPLETED May 2021

Cook-Fitch Sidewalk Project

Project funded by grant. Bid awarded to C.A. Agresta. The sidewalk project construction began October 8, 2018. and was completed at the end of November 2018. Project connected Olmsted Township to North Olmsted. COMPLETE.

The TLCI grant will be applied for in April 2021 in hopes to secure funding for sidewalks from the Fitch-Cook intersection to the railroad overpass. Project will be  recommended to the NOACA Governing Board in June 2021. See project map here.

ADA Curb Replacement Project

Cuyahoga County Council awarded $150,000 Community Development Block Grant for curb replacement approved on July 10, 2018. Bid awarded to DL Smith. 68 ADA ramps installed. 100% to be reimbursed by grant. COMPLETE. Pictures

Property Demolition Fund

Received $175,000 in 2018 for property demolitions throughout the Township. COMPLETE. Building Department works with County Land Band/Fiscal Office on availabilities.