Cranage Road Resurfacing

The Township’s portion of Cranage Road will be resurfaced as part of Olmsted Falls’ pavement portion of the Phase 5 sewer project. The bid was awarded by Olmsted Falls to Specialized Construction. Resurfacing will begin on Cranage Road Monday, September 21 and should be completed within 30 days.

Schady Road Soccer Complex and Glenbrook/High School Drainage Improvement Projects

We are inviting bids for the Glenbrook/High School Drainage Improvement and the Schady Road Soccer Complex Drainage Improvement projects. Bids are due September 28. See the detailed bid notice for Glenbrook/High School Project here and for the Schady Road Soccer Complex Project here.

Schady Road Soccer Complex Project – Preliminary Estimate

Schady Road Soccer Complex Project – Survey Limits

Schady Road Soccer Complex Project –  Drawings

Glenbrook Drive/High School Project  – Preliminary Estimate

Glenbrook Drive/High School Project – Drawings

Bid Opening 9/28 for both projects Bid award expected to be October 5 at Trustee Special Meeting.

Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works to Begin Breezewood Project

Cuyahoga County Public Works Sanitary Engineering will begin surveying and construction for lining of storm sewers beginning the week of July 27.

Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works Job Description: The existing sanitary and storm sewers are in an over/under configuration in the existing pavement on Eastwood Lane, Westwood Lane, and Adele Lane; which all have existing dual manholes for the sanitary and storm sewers. The existing storm sewers leak into the sanitary manholes where the storm sewers intersect the existing sanitary manholes. This Task Order consists of spot lining the designated storm sewers at the sanitary manholes, such that the storm sewers are prevented from leaking into the sanitary manholes. See attached tabulation of liner sizes and locations. The Contractor shall verify all required spot liner sizes prior to construction.

For additional information, please read here.

First Energy Cable Replacements in Greenbrook/Breezewood Neighborhood

The Township has been in touch with First Energy in regards to the continuing power outages in the community. It has been reported that there was a double fault in beginning of the lines of the Breezewood Development (Greenbrooke, Heatherwood Circle, Timber Ln., etc.) First Energy reported that 10-11 sections of underground cables warrant replacement. It is in the process of being engineered and they will provide us a timeline of any possible service interruptions and locations as soon as the details are complete.

New Township Signage Program

In accordance with our Township Strategic Plan, temporary Gateway Signage was placed at Township borders throughout the community. Future locations to come thanks to a $46,000 CDSG grant received from Cuyahoga County Council.  This grant will complete our gateway signage program.  Picture

County and Township Road Improvements

Our Township completed a Capital Improvement Plan and rating. The 2019 Program is complete in accordance with our Road Capital Maintenance Plan. The 2020 Road Program includes maintenance and resurfacing of sections of Greenbrooke, Grace and Crestwood.  See details about the five year plan here.  **The 2020 Road Program has been postponed due to COVID-19.**

Rehabilitation of Lewis Road Culvert

Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works will begin repairs of the Lewis Road Culvert #13. Construction began August 2019. The project is nearing completion. An elastomeric coating is still required to be applied to the headwall on the inlet side of the project and the relining operation of the existing pipe is also needing to be preformed. The lining is tentatively scheduled for May 11th and requires approximately one week to perform. Both operations are temperature-dependent, making the time frame variable. Road is opened to traffic in both directions. Additional details here. Project complete.

Resurfacing of Lewis Road

Lewis Road (C.R. 174) from the Olmsted Township SCL to about 800 feet south of Memory Lane resurfacing project is not anticipated to be sold until the fourth quarter of this year – with construction beginning in the Spring of 2021.

Resurfacing of Spafford Road

Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works will be resurfacing Spafford Road, from Barrett Road to the Township line. Project completed November 2019. Additional details here.

Schady Road Culvert

Schady C-02.00 Culvert project is currently scheduled for Precon/NTP on 7/9/20.

Weight limit signage has been posted on the Schady Road (County Road) culvert between Falls Pointe Dr. and Lakeview Dr. due to a deteriorating culvert pipe. What does this mean for the average vehicle? The average car or SUV weighs between three and five thousand pounds, which would make safe travel over the culvert. Examples of vehicles that would possibly be affected would be: Class A and Class B vehicles (buses, dump trucks, tractor trailer) . The culvert is on the fast track to be replaced through Cuyahoga County Public Works. Schedule and timeline are yet to be determined.

Replacement of Culverts

Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works completed the replacement of the culverts on Adele Lane and Westwood Lane Fall 2019. Picture

CARES Act Funds

In July, Olmsted Township received $142,388.80 from the Office of Ohio Budget and Management in accordance with the US Department of Treasury to help with COVID related costs, expenses and community needs; and in July, the Township received an additional $71,190.44. We donated $2,500 each to The Olmsted Community Center and Christians in Action, and $1,000 to Meals on Wheels to assist residents who quality for economic support in assistance. We continue to buy Personal Protective Equipment, face masks, and sanitizers for our staff. We have purchased laptops for our employees to work remotely. We continue improving our buildings to make the environments cleaner and more efficient.


In 2019, Olmsted Township received a grant from NOPEC in the amount of $50,000 to be used for low energy lighting at our Administrative Office/Community Center.

In 2020, Olmsted Township received a grant from NOPEC in the amount of $50,000 to be used for the a new energy efficient roof at our Service Building.


Olmsted Township received a grant from Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District for pervious pavers at the Administrative Building and Stormwater Maintenance improvements, including catch basin repair, cement, and street sweeping cleaning.

Renovation of Community Center and Administrative Offices

7900 Fitch Road Building will soon be home for the Administration Offices and Building Department and a Community Center.  We received bids March 29, 2019. The bid was awarded to Freedom Construction Services.  Construction began May 2019. Project completed November 2019. Picture Our Community Room is available to rent for special events.

2019 Township Road Striping Program

Township Road Striping project complete. See program here.

Columbia & Cook Phase V Sanitary Sewer Project

Cook Road residents in Olmsted Township from Columbia Rd. to Fitch Rd., please contact Cuyahoga County Public Works at (216) 443-8277 for sanitary sewer connection financing information if you have not already. Project bid in April 2019. Currently under construction.

The anticipated start date is the first week of October. The projected tenure of the sewer project is nine (9) months. Most workdays will be Monday through Thursday, with some Fridays due to weather interruptions. The construction will begin on Cook Road, a little west of Inland Drive in the eastbound lane. The westbound lane of Cook Road – the majority of which is in the Township – will be left open for local traffic, safety forces, and school buses. Vehicle traffic will be regulated by portable traffic signals, flaggers, and/or police officers. It is anticipated many motorists will be utilizing Cranage Drive as a detour. Once the eastbound lane is completed, they will cross over to the westbound lane.

See additional information here. See notes from meetings here. Letter sent on 7/22/19 to Bid Package Number 3 Residents here.Letter sent on 8/27/19 to Bid Package Number 4 Residents here.

Sewer installation is complete. Tie-ins, resurfacing, and pavement work will be  completed fall 2020.

The project involves extending sanitary sewer services to Olmsted Township Cook Road residents.  Certified letter sent to affected residents October 2018. Follow up meeting to be announced. Final implementation meeting will be schedule in the early spring with Cuyahoga County and Olmsted Township. INFORMATION


Olmsted Falls accepted bids for the project to commence in August and there will be a 270 day build out. Fabrizi Construction and Underground Utilities were awarded the project. Olmsted Township residents please contact Township Administrative Offices for further information. (440) 235-3099. Announcement of pre-construction meeting will be posted.

Township Service Department Building

Energy Efficient Roof replacement for the Service Department Building, 7924 Cook Road, pending bids Summer/Fall 2020. Paid for using NOPEC grant money.

Cook-Fitch Sidewalk Project

Project funded by grant. Bid awarded to C.A. Agresta. The sidewalk project construction began October 8, 2018. and was completed at the end of November 2018. Project connected Olmsted Township to North Olmsted.

SR 252 (Columbia Road) Ohio Department of Transportation

Two lane resurfacing is set to begin April 1, 2019 until early May. The resurfacing will be on SR 252 (Columbia Road) between Cook and Butternut Ridge Roads.  Project complete.

ADA Curb Replacement Project

Cuyahoga County Council awarded $150,000 Community Development Block Grant for curb replacement approved on July 10, 2018. Bid awarded to DL Smith. 68 ADA ramps installed. 100% to be reimbursed by grant. Project complete. Pictures

Schady Road Culvert

Weight limit signage has been posted on the Schady Road (County Road) culvert between Falls Pointe Dr. and Lakeview Dr. due to a deteriorating culvert pipe. What does this mean for the average vehicle? The average car or SUV weighs between three and five thousand pounds, which would make safe travel over the culvert. Examples of vehicles that would possibly be affected would be: Class A and Class B vehicles (buses, dump trucks, tractor trailer) . The culvert is on the fast track to be replaced through Cuyahoga County Public Works and is currently scheduled for Precon/NTP on 7/9/20.

The bid opening is scheduled for mid-October 2020 with contract award/notice-to-proceed in January 2021. Construction will start as soon as weather permits in late winter/early spring 2021. Anticipated completion date of June 30, 2021.

Traffic Studies

The Township, Cuyahoga County Public Works, the Ohio Turnpike and other pubic agencies have been working on traffic studies and signalization at major intersections throughout the township. This study includes: Monitoring traffic patterns and signalization; Counting vehicles per day; Analyzing growth patterns in and around the township.

To view the results of the study, click here.

An updated analysis will be shared once the Township receives the updated information from Cuyahoga County Public Works.

Property Demolition Fund

The Cuyahoga County Property Demolition fund review committee recommends awarding $175,000 to Olmsted Township for its Round 8 Cuyahoga County Property Demolition Fund application. Board of Trustees approved available funds October 22, 2018. Project underway. MacKenzie Road project  Stearns Road project

Strategic Comprehensive Plan

View the Comprehensive plan here.

Land Development Projects

Gates Village Phase I of home construction is complete. Phase II home builds are 80% completed. Site Map

Belmont Currently in County planning for pre-plat approval. Proposed to have 64 home sites. Site Map

Schady Reserve Completed.

Pembrooke 3 homes are built and have occupancy permits. 3 home builds under construction. Remaining lots are being sold.

Galway Bay 22 homes completed.

Grand Oaks 4 new homes are under construction. 70% completed. Lots still available.

The Sanctuary/Preserves (John Rd.) Minor modifications to plans approved by Township Zoning Board in May 2019. Number of lots will decrease and lot sizes will increase in some areas. No other changes. Phases I and II have been approved through County Planning. Phases III and IV of the Sanctuary are under review with County Planning.

Renaissance Nursing Facility Phase I of IV Phases is in design stage for new indoor swimming pool and locker area. Also included is a new expansion of Bistro area. Plans have been approved and construction is underway.

Razzles Conditional Approval for new indoor volleyball courts.