Schady Road Culvert

Schady C-02.00 Culvert project was awarded to Schirmer Construction and will begin Monday, August 16, 2021 with a full closure until November. Addresses from the east will be 26973 and 26970; to the west will be 26978 and 26981. Click here for the detour route.

Weight limit signage has been posted on the Schady Road (County Road) culvert between Falls Pointe Dr. and Lakeview Dr. due to a deteriorating culvert pipe. What does this mean for the average vehicle? The average car or SUV weighs between three and five thousand pounds, which would make safe travel over the culvert. Examples of vehicles that would possibly be affected would be: Class A and Class B vehicles (buses, dump trucks, tractor trailer).

Brentwood Play Park

A phase 1 environmental study was approved by the Board of Trustees on November 2, 2020. The Township retained Partners Environmental Group for the Township owned Usher Road property. This is in response to the 2018 Strategic Plan for park planning.

Olmsted Township received a Community Cost-share grant from NEORSD to assist with removing 14,000 sq ft of impervious surface at the former Waste Water Treatment Plant on Usher Road.

Township accepted bids on April 16, 2021. Bid was awarded on April 28, 2021 to Moderalli Excavating.    Pictures  Pictures as of 6.25.21 Pictures as of 7.16.21 Demo Pictures Construction Schedule

Anticipated completion date: Spring 2022

Schady Road Dog Park

The Bark Park is located on 30 acres on Schady Road near Sharp. It will consist of two fenced areas – one area about two acres for large dogs and 1 acre for dogs under 30 pounds. Anticipated completion date to be determined.

Pictures of construction as of June 2021.

Cuyahoga County Public Works Sanitary Lining

Cuyahoga County Public Works will start sanitary lining on Elizabeth and Eastwood. Summer 2021.

Jennings Turnpike Overpass

The Turnpike overpass on Jennings Road will be replaced in 2022. Details to follow.

Resurfacing of Lewis Road

Resurfacing of Lewis Road (C.R. 174) from the Olmsted Township SCL to about 800 feet south of Memory Lane has been postponed until early next year. Cuyahoga County awarded project on April 13, 2021. Spring 2022.

New Township Signage Program

In accordance with the 2018-2019 Township Strategic Plan, Gateway Signage was placed at Township borders throughout the community. Future locations to come thanks to a $46,000 CDSG grant received from Cuyahoga County Council.  This grant will complete our gateway signage program.  Picture

CARES Act Funds/American Recovery Act

Olmsted Township received almost one million dollars in CARES funds to address COVID-19 in the workplace and community. We have earmarked all funds and will complete by 12/31/21.

As of May 2021, we are awaiting the Department of Treasury’s determination for “Township” eligibility for the  American Recovery ACT.

2021 Township Road Striping Program

Township Road Striping project to be determined.

Columbia & Cook Phase V Sanitary Sewer Project

Cook Road residents in Olmsted Township from Columbia Rd. to Fitch Rd., please contact Cuyahoga County Public Works at (216) 443-8277 for sanitary sewer connection financing information if you have not already. Project bid in April 2019. Currently under construction.

The anticipated start date is the first week of October. The projected tenure of the sewer project is nine (9) months. Most workdays will be Monday through Thursday, with some Fridays due to weather interruptions. The construction will begin on Cook Road, a little west of Inland Drive in the eastbound lane. The westbound lane of Cook Road – the majority of which is in the Township – will be left open for local traffic, safety forces, and school buses. Vehicle traffic will be regulated by portable traffic signals, flaggers, and/or police officers. It is anticipated many motorists will be utilizing Cranage Drive as a detour. Once the eastbound lane is completed, they will cross over to the westbound lane.

See additional information here. See notes from meetings here. Letter sent on 7/22/19 to Bid Package Number 3 Residents here.Letter sent on 8/27/19 to Bid Package Number 4 Residents here.

Project complete. Homeowners can tie-in. Applications for reimbursement up to $1,500 with Cuyahoga County will be available through 12/31/21. Contact Adrienne Simmons at (216) 443-8277 or


Cook-Fitch Sidewalk Project

The TLCI grant will be applied for in April 2021 in hopes to secure funding for sidewalks from the Fitch-Cook intersection to the railroad overpass. Project will be  recommended to the NOACA Governing Board in June 2021. See project map here.       Olmsted Township Complete Streets Plan

Project funded by grant. Bid awarded to C.A. Agresta. The sidewalk project construction began October 8, 2018. and was completed at the end of November 2018. Project connected Olmsted Township to North Olmsted. Project complete.


ADA Curb Replacement Project

Applied for Community Development Block Grant in 2021 to fund the Woodgate ADA ramp project. On April 13, 2021, Cuyahoga County approved. Project will also include 2 ADA ramps in Hunters Ridge. Bid Advertised 9/23/21 and 9/30/21. Bid opening 10/12/21.

Cuyahoga County Council awarded $150,000 Community Development Block Grant for curb replacement approved on July 10, 2018. Bid awarded to DL Smith. 68 ADA ramps installed. 100% to be reimbursed by grant. Project complete. Pictures


Stearns Road Project

Engineering and design for the Stearns Road project, which will include road widening and bridge project. Planned for 2023.

Property Demolition Fund

Received $175,000 in 2018 for property demolitions throughout the Township. Project complete. Building Department works with County Land Band/Fiscal Office on availabilities.

In May 2021, Olmsted Township was notified by the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Fund that additional funding is available.


Comprehensive Master Plans

Click here to view our 2018-2019 Comprehensive Master Plan in its entirety.

Click here to view our 2012 Comprehensive Master Plan in its entirety.

Land Development Projects

Lewis Road/Hollo Property  Application denied by Zoning Commission. Withdrawn for Board of Trustees.

Gates Village Phases I and II of home construction is complete.  Site Map

Belmont Currently in County planning for pre-plat approval. Proposed to have 64 home sites. Site Map

Schady Reserve Completed.

Pembrooke 3 homes are built in Phase 2 and have occupancy permits. 15 lots sold. 7 more plans in review. Phase 4 will be presented to Board of Zoning Appeals on May 19, 2021 for variance approval.

Galway Bay 22 homes completed.

Grand Oaks  95% completed. 1 lot still available.

The Sanctuary/Preserves (John Rd.) Still in County and Township review. Phase I plans should be approved by June 2021.

Renaissance Nursing Facility Phase I completed. Phase II in review.  Parking lot project is underway.

Razzles  New indoor volleyball courts under construction.

Southwest General Hospital Medical Building Under plan review.

Garland Development (school property) Public Hearing held on April 29, 2021.

Garland Development (Stearns/Schady)

Willow Grove In Litigation. Awaiting 8th District Court of Appeals Decision