Household hazardous waste may be dropped off at our Public Service Department at 7924 Fitch Road on the first Saturday of each month from 8am – noon and the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 7am – 2pm. This service is provided to residents of Olmsted Township only.

ACCEPTED materials include:

  • Oil or solvent-based paint, sealers, primers, or coatings (aerosols or liquids)
  • Any aerosal cans with flammable/combustible warnings
  • Varnishes, polyurethanes, shellacs
  • Paint thinner, mineral spirits, turpentine, acetone
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers
  • Caustic/corrosive household cleaners
  • Pool chemicals
  • Automotive fluids, motor oil
  • Adhesives, roof tar, driveway sealer
  • Kerosene, gasoline, lighter fluid
  • Mercury, fluorescent bulbs (6 ft. length max.)
  • All computer equipment (monitor, printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse, CPU, tablets, laptops)
  • Cell phones and land lines
  • PASSENGER CAR tires only WITHOUT rims
  • Broken, burned out holiday lights, power strips, & power cords (Do NOT place holiday lights in your curbside recycling)

NOT ACCEPTED materials include:

  • Medical waste, pharmaceuticals, medicine*, sharps**
  • Batteries (all types)
  • Fire extinguishers, propane tanks***, helium tanks****
  • Explosives, gun powder, ammunition, flares
  • Radioactive waste (smoke detectors)
  • Business or commercial waste
  • Latex paint (click here to find out how to dispose of latex paint properly)

*Prescription pill medicine can be dropped off at the Olmsted Township Police Department.  Click here for more information.

**Click here to learn how to dispose of needles and sharps

*** Click here for more information on propane tanks

****Click here for more information on helium and oxygen tanks

Click here for more information from Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District