Cranage Road Resurfacing

The Township’s portion of Cranage Road will be resurfaced as part of Olmsted Falls’ pavement portion of the Phase 5 sewer project. The bid was awarded by Olmsted Falls to Specialized Construction. Resurfacing will begin on Cranage Road Monday, September 21 and should be completed within 30 days. 

Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works to Begin Breezewood project

Cuyahoga County Public Works Sanitary Engineering will begin surveying and construction for lining of storm sewers beginning the week of July 27.

Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works Job Description: The existing sanitary and storm sewers are in an over/under configuration in the existing pavement on Eastwood Lane, Westwood Lane, and Adele Lane; which all have existing dual manholes for the sanitary and storm sewers. The existing storm sewers leak into the sanitary manholes where the storm sewers intersect the existing sanitary manholes. This Task Order consists of spot lining the designated storm sewers at the sanitary manholes, such that the storm sewers are prevented from leaking into the sanitary manholes. See attached tabulation of liner sizes and locations. The Contractor shall verify all required spot liner sizes prior to construction.

For additional information, please read here.

County and Township Road Improvements

Our Township completed a Capital Improvement Plan and rating. The 2019 Program is complete in accordance with our Road Capital Maintenance Plan. See details about the five year plan here. 

Schady Road Culvert

Schady C-02.00 Culvert project is currently scheduled for Precon/NTP on 7/9/20.

Weight limit signage has been posted on the Schady Road (County Road) culvert between Falls Pointe Dr. and Lakeview Dr. due to a deteriorating culvert pipe. What does this mean for the average vehicle? The average car or SUV weighs between three and five thousand pounds, which would make safe travel over the culvert. Examples of vehicles that would possibly be affected would be: Class A and Class B vehicles (buses, dump trucks, tractor trailer) . The culvert is on the fast track to be replaced through Cuyahoga County Public Works. Schedule and timeline are yet to be determined.

Lewis Road

Lewis Road (C.R. 174) from the Olmsted Township SCL to about 800 feet south of Memory Lane resurfacing project is not anticipated to be sold until the fourth quarter of this year – with construction beginning in the Spring of 2021.